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Splitting cups

I ordered a LadyCup (actually a small PinkCup and a large LilacCup). I didn't order the "Trial Version" but an actual proper cup. I figured that with this trial going on, they had separated the defective ones from the okay ones, so I thought I was safe. Still, I wanted to make sure that if a split was going to happen it would happen early, instead of happening a few months down the road when the company might possibly be hesitant to replace [don’t know how long their guarantee period is, and I wanted to make sure that if a spilt were to happen, it would definitely happen within their time limits. Since I also have the PinkCup and my old DivaCup that I will also be using regularly (depending on flow) I will not be getting consistent use out of any of my cups].

So my cups came in the mail yesterday, and as I watched Across the Universe last night I folded and refolded my new LilacCup. I also used the time for practicing each of the folds that I know to exist (in case a different kind of fold will work for me with these cups than I use for my Diva). During a punch-down fold the cup tore!!! Nooooooooooo!

So since I just got the cups yesterday, I know replacement will not be a problem. I just wrote to the company now. But I thought I’d warn people that they don’t seem to have the bad cups separated from the good ones. If you pay for a proper cup, you might want to test fold it a bit first, and if you get a trial verison: be gentle! If you are, based on the number of folds I did last night before it split (and how vigorously I was allowing it to snap back open), you’ll probably get at LEAST a few months out of your trial.

Also something occurred to me as I folded mine last night. It may be advisable for people buying the trial versions (and possibly ALL coloured cup owners) to rinse their cups in water as hot as they can stand it before folding it for insertion. I know running my Diva under ice cold water makes it somehow crisper (better popping open), whereas the hot water makes it bendy-er. I think the hot water might make the coloured cups more malleable, and less susceptible to stress-tears.

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