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Divacup Woes

So I have been using my Divacup (size 1) for probably going on 3 years now (I am 23, w/o child). I do like it a lot, but sometimes is difficult to love. Once upon a time, I was able to change my cup max 3 times a day and was happy with that, and that was even on my heaviest day. Now, on my heaviest day, it seems to leak and I have to empty it so often; it is quite annoying, and makes going anywhere for an extended period of time very unlikely. I am wondering if I should move on from my fickle cup to something else. I was looking around the community and noticed a lot of people went to the Lunette from Diva. Since I am not entirely sure as to why my Diva gives me problems, I am not really sure what cup or size would be right for me to switch to. Any input on this would be awesome.

And in response to people having issues with staining, I have had my cup for at least 3 years, and it looks new... no staining. CURIOUS? Have I peaked your interest? :D I just soak it in a cup with half water and half hydrogen peroxide after my cycle and boil it before. If anyone is thinking, "Pics or it didn't happen," I will try and find a camera.
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