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So I figured out why it's been so hard to get this cup to work right. My cervical opening is pointing straight down and my cervix is sitting really low. So basically to get the cup to fit around the opening, it would have to be completely inside of me with the stem pointing down. (Like the cup would be straight up and down.) With that said, I just tried my best to make the cup seal with the opening faced at the cervix. Hopefully that works. Does that make sense to anyone? I vaguely remember a gyno telling me something about the positioning of my cervix 6 years ago. Of course I paid no attention to what he was saying, b/c at the time I didn't give a shit about my cervix or where it was pointing. I wonder if that means that no cup will work for me completely leak free. If I had insurance I would schedule an appointment ASAP, b/c now I'm actually interested in my girly bits.

So it's a relief to know what the issue is. I am extremely hopeful that I can still find a position that works for me. I have been informed that your cervix doesn't HAVE to be in the cup for it to work. It just seems like my cervix is in such a weird spot. Damn my younger self for not paying attention!

Thank you to everyone on this community for grabbing my hand and babystepping me through this. I have been glued to this community and have found a LOT of really useful information. It actually brought me to an entirely new level of comfort with my body and to discussing all things menstrual. I've been really bitchy and hormonal today and for the first time I explained exactly why to my 5 year old. Since she was born I was dreading the period talk. After reading in this community, I feel like I finally understand things and I'm not grossed out anymore. It was great to open that door with her. And as hokey as this sounds, it was thanks to this community that I was able to do so. So THANK YOU!!!
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