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Hi everyone, this is my first post here. It's also my first day using my lunette size 2! It took several attempts over a few hours but I finally got it in (using the punch down fold) with the help of copious amounts of lube. I can feel the stem poking out a little bit, towards my left side so the cup seems to have angled itself to the right. I often wondered whether my vagina pointed to the side slightly on the rare occasions I was using the dreaded tampons. Is that possible? Does anyone have a vagina that slants to the side?

Another interesting observation which I haven't seen mentioned here is the content of the instructions for the lunette. Mine came in German and English, and they are identical instructions apart from one thing; the German side includes this statement:

"Ist ohne Tierversuche getestet worden."

It's a couple of years since I stopped learning German but I'm pretty sure that says the cup isn't tested on animals (thank goodness!). But there's no trace of this statement on the English instructions! I don't know if Germany has any specific requirements regarding a declaration of animal testing, but even so, I'm sure all the English-speaking users would like to know this kind of thing!

Anyway, I'm going to try taking the cup out soon, I'm really really nervous but I have to go out later and I'm a bit iffy about using it away from home until I really get the hang of it. Thanks to everyone in this community, you've made everything so much easier!

ETA: I just took it out. It took around about half an hour, which is not so great, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I leaned back on the toilet, bore down using my pelvic muscles and once the base was poking out, I squeezed with my thumb and forefinger and rocked it out as per kuradi8's instructions in various posts. Now my wrist is killing me, argh!

After having been in for an hour, blood was halfway up to the first measuring line, so I'm glad I got the larger size.

I'm a total convert.
Tags: first time use, lunette, removal, success stories

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