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No more MoonCup UK shipping to the US

I have a MoonCup UK. For the past six years (since 2003) I've used it and cloth pads exclusively. Seriously awesome, I could never go back! I've converted several friends as well. I love the safety, environmental friendliness, and convenience.

I was debating whether it's time to buy a new cup. It's really not necessary, my cup is just fine, still working absolutely fantastic after more than half a decade. I've noticed several people here have multiple cups though, and it seems to me like a good way of supporting a company.

Then, today, I went to the Mooncup UK site and saw that I just missed their cutoff date for ordering from the US, that they no longer ship to USA addresses. At the bottom of the page it says:

Advance warning: from 1st February 2009 we will no longer supply Mooncups to customers with a delivery address in the USA.

(Obviously they need to update their site, since this warning is no longer advanced.)

I'm so heartbroken, this just hit me like a blow. I wasn't paying attention. If I'd known this, I would've bought a couple more.

I searched back in the community a ways, and I can't find mention of this development recently, but perhaps someone posted about it a long time ago, and I missed it, or maybe it's not marked under the tag, or maybe I'm just not seeing it (highly likely, I'm getting over the stomach flu).

Is there any place selling them that WILL ship to the US, or any US sellers of the MoonCup UK? I am guessing that maybe I could be happy with another cup, I've just loved my MCUK so much, and it fits me so well (I can't feel it, it rarely leaks, it's held up to my rough handling for more than half a decade), I wanted another one. If I can't find another MCUK, for those of you who have a MCUK and other cups, what is the cup closest to it? Not just in size, as I can see from the charts, but in flexibility and so on? (I am vegan, so no Keeper for me.)

And, unrelated, I admit, I don't seem to take care of my cup as fastidiously as others here. I don't boil it, and I've never soaked it in anything for stains. My cleaning method has always been to wash it well during my period with hot water, wash it with mild soap afterwards, and use a fingernail scrubby brush to brush off stains (but it's not 100%), and then wash it again with mild soap right before I use it for my next period. So it doesn't look as pristine as the photos I see here.

Not sure whether I should, or not. As mentioned I've used it for YEARS, and the stains have obviously not presented a problem, but is there a reason to worry about it, or is it purely aesthetic?
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