geespot (geespot) wrote in menstrual_cups,

selene to aus

I've been struggling on with a diva for years (actually it ended up in the cupboard) painful inserting (I think because it was so hard to get open) painful to remove (not suction - I think still painful from all the opening attempts) and always leaky. So after checking out this community I've decided to take the plunge & get a new cup & I was torn between the lunette (selene) and a coloured ladycup. I want a cup that is easy (comfy) to insert & pops open easily  (& also a bit shorter) and won't tear me to bits with its stem when I'm walking/riding my bike/sitting down/everything. I have to go os really soon & was freaking out, so  I just ordered a lunette selene from
who were incredibly helpful & can send to aus for $8nz postage which will take 3-7 days to get here. So if you're australian & want a selene quick, give them a try (it's cheaper there too). Leastore where also really helpful and put me on to them, which was great. Fingers crossed it will work & I made the right decision...
Thanks everyone, this community is so great!
Tags: buying decisions

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