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Free stuff I should know about/is it worth contacting the keeper?

Hi everyone! I'm a teen who would love to spread the word about cups. I just ordered my lunette selene and won't be able to use it for another month, so I'm focussing on activism to keep myself excited until then. I was thinking about writing different cup companies asking for free stuff to promote cups. (Like brochures, pamphlets, stickers, etc.) Have you ever written to a cup company with a similar request? Are there any companies I should email in particular because they were really helpful/provided you with free stuff? Is there anything in particular I should request?

Also, I live in the city the keeper is produced in. I've emailed them about other things and they seem very passive and not very friendly, is it worth contacting them? It seems a shame that the only cup company in America is so close to me (and P&G for what it's worth) and I'm probably more estatic then they are about their product!
Tags: activism

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