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various questions for menstrual cups.

hello. so i have been thinking of getting a cup for all the great reasons out there, but i have a few questions i dont seem to find answered anywhere, if anyone out there with experience wants to help! please! :)

1st off, relevant info: i am 28, have an almost 6 year old the 10 year IUD, ever since the 6 week check up.

i have read that the divacup is not good for IUDS, at least on their site, but then many of you here use it anyway.  i dont know if i will truly worry about my strings, as mine were cut so short that no doctor can find them on the 1st try (and we are military, so i have had many different docs do the yearly pap with all the moves). also, i cant even feel them with my hand. cant come close to checking. my husband does occasionally get nailed by them in certain position/certain times of the month. 
also, sounds off topic- but i have very small hands, and my arms arent the longest for my height. sounds odd i know. but does anyone know if that would cause problems with inserting and removing a cup? i know my gyno who inserted the IUD thought that my small hand size could have caused issues with trying to find the strings, then he realized how short they were, and figured it was a combo, but wasnt worried about their shortness. i couldnt even tell you if i can feel my cervix or not manually, arent you supposed to be able to do this yourself? not that i fear doing it, i could care less, i just wouldnt know how.
so i think that sums up any background needed.
how do the IUD, its short strings, and my little hands factor in on which cup to get? i couldnt personally say which is best, super soft, or more rigid, how does that play into those issues? i read that softer is more difficult to get to reopen once inside? 
thank you in advance for any help you have. i cant wait to order whichever cup i decide on, i am so tired of tampons not working great, and being drying, and to use the old saying, riding the cotton pony just isnt the most comfy thing in the world!!! :)
Tags: buying decisions, iud

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