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Selene at the gym

My second periods with the cup just finished. Last cycle, I focused on learning to wear the cup and did not go to the gym, but this time, I felt secure enough to do so.

My fitness sessions involved 1-hour long group sessions of spinning and weightlifting (the weightlifting session ends with ab-crunches on the floor and the yoga-pose “boat”). I read on another site that the cup should be emptied before the sessions, so I emptied the cup.

What I learned:

Spinning went perfect. Besides, on that session, I produced a magnificent fresh pressed blood. No darker/more transparent layers. Without trying to sound creepy, if I did not know that was blood, I would have though that it was a creamy strawberry sauce to put on a Sundae!!!

Some time before spinning, I had a leak though. I ran into some friends on the way to the gym and did a happy dance involving jumping, then dashed to the gym. I always dash everywhere I go, so happy dance/jumping may cause leaks… :P

On the other end, weightlifting gave me a total different experience. After the session, I went to check in the toilets the fresh pressed blood and…. Nothing!!! Nothing at all in the cup or out of the cup! Dry de dry! I don’t think I had it that dry on a dry run!! And that was on my third day on a 5-days periods!

That will need to be confirmed on my next cycle.

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