B (bccomp) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Does it really twirl?


First off, thanks to all of you for this great information! I've searched by keyword and poked around but I haven't found this question so far, but I do apologize if it's a duplicate.

I've been using Instead cups for years and just switched to Diva today. It was terribly uncomfortable for the first few hours it was in, but I trimmed the stem (what's the point of the stem anyway if you're not supposed to grab it, per directions?) and now it's great.

My "trouble" is that the directions say I'm supposed to be able to twirl it once it's in place. This is not happening for me. It's a pretty snug fit in there and no matter how high or low I place it, there's no twirling going on. Things are slick in there, so it's not that...it's just that every time I attempt to twirl, I find that the cup just starts to fold.

Does it really need to twirl for me to feel comfortable that it's in there the right way?

Tags: divacup, insertion

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