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Lunette VS Diva

When I first heard of menstrual cups, I really didn't have any other option BUT the Diva. I wasn't working at the time and so had no credit card to order offline, and being that I'm in Canada, I ended up spending my last (literally...) fourty dollars on a Diva from the one health food store in town that sells them. Now, let's not get me wrong - I loved the Diva, and it was miles ahead of anything I'd tried before - namely, pads and tampons. I was delighted with it in every way. Well... sort of. I mean...

Whether you said yes or not, I've found that amongst cup users, there tends to be three "groups". Group A would be people who hit upon the perfect cup during their first try. Group C are the people who have really bad luck with their first cup and immediately need a new one. Then there's Group B, where I am. Group B would be people who are satisfied with their cups, but who sometimes wonder... could there be something more?

See, the problem was, I was happy with my Diva. Everytime I was on my period, there were just a few tiny issues. The holes were hard to clean. Sometimes it could take a long time to make the Diva open or seal. And during the first two or three days, my cervix came down too darn much. These were all things I could live with for the most part. But sometimes when the end of the Diva poking out of my entrance had irritated me (both physically AND mentally), I'd think, maybe I should get a new cup, a shorter, stiffer one. But I couldn't really justify it to myself, because after all, my Diva worked fine, etc...

Well, when they brought out the Lunette Selene, in spite of my mind pointing out that it was probably an extravagant purchase, I ordered one. And I can honestly say I'm thrilled with myself. The first time I tried it, I left a quarter of the stem on out of paranoia, but soon ended up cutting it all off. It is JUST the right size - it sits just inside of me and I honestly can't feel it no matter how hard I try by squeezing my legs together. It pops open without any problems at all, and I even love the fact that it's a tiny bit wider than the Diva. And yes, the holes are much easier to clean.

So I guess my point is... Just because something works "okay" doesn't mean you shouldn't try to aim for better. I'm going to be using my Selene for like at least five years, so in the long run, it's worth it. A cup is always going to be a hit or miss - you never know which one will be the best one for you. Even if you have to try every cup there is, keep going until you find the one that's perfect

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