elizabby (elizabby) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cup-split story, and a funny!

So this morning, I'm late for work, I'm in the shower frantically washing and emtying my cup when my hubby calls out "The babysitter is here!" Great! So I grab the cup and wrench it into a fold (OK I *was* a bit rougher than usual, but I wasn't expecting this!)

(For anyone who is interested, the first pic is with flash, the second with natural light, which explains the colour differences.)

So I've had this cup for two full cycles and a day - about 16 days' worth of use at a rate of twice emptying. So it lasted about 30 folds, give or take a few.

And now for the funny story unrelated to the above events...

Today I went into my favourite tea shop, and they have a line to teapots all with girls' names. The latest addition to the range? The Alicia, which comes with six matching cups! I nearly snorted coffee out my nose! All I could think of is this elegant little white teapot with a matching set of six (menstrual) cups! What every girl needs for her tea parties! LOL!
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