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Conflicting information on cleaning

I’ve been reading through past posts on here, just accumulating knowledge that will help me throughout the life of my cups.

One thing I’ve taken notice of is the things everyone is using to clean/de-stain their cups. I’ve seen vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, soap containing tea tree oil all mentioned, but the DivaCup website ( under the FAQ’s says: “Please do not use vinegar, bleach or hydrogen peroxide as these will damage the silicone. Follow the instructions in the FAQ ‘How do I clean The DivaCup?’.” And under the ‘How do I clean…’ section, it also says, “Do not use vinegar, tea tree oil, scented soap, antibacterial soap, hydrogen peroxide, bleach or harsh chemicals as these may damage the silicone and ruin the cup.”

The DivaCup website also suggests replacing the cup once a year.

I know these cups are made from medical grade silicone, the same type used to make artificial replacement heart valves. It wouldn’t fly if these valves needed replacing once a year. I realize that, as these cups are reusable, the company does have a vested interest in more people buying more products from them more often, but every other product that does give a lifespan for their cups is closer to 10 years, which I think is closer to the reality of the situation.

Do the cleaning products mentioned earlier actually compromise silicone of the cups? I don’t want to assume that the DivaCup company is saying not to use (what sound like on this community to be ) the best methods of stain removal in the hopes that people will decide to replace their cups when they become stained. But I don’t want to use anything that will damage my cup either.
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