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menstrual cup = less stress

I just wanted to post my own happiness with my cup.  I have had a really stressful 6 months: bad breakup, going to school 1/2 time and working full-time, surgery, and my beloved dog died.  I live 1700 miles from any of my family, so I've had to pretty much deal with all of this alone.  The only thing during this time that consistently relieves stress is using my menstrual cup.  Using it actually makes me happy that I'm having my period and I've never felt that way about my period before. (I live and work in a remote area and it helps a lot to not to have to find a place to change a tampon every 2-3 hours.)  I've had very little growing pains and really feel like I stumbled across something that should change the world for women.  I wish I would have found this 17 years ago when I started my period.
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