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I don't mean to be spamming this community (I'm really sorry if I am), but I searched through the community links on the side and couldn't find anything about this.

I used my small Lunette yesterday successfully (successful insertion *and* removal). This community is of amazing help - I haven't had any problems at all with removal. I didn't use it overnight (I want to get used to using it during the day first) and I inserted it in the shower this morning (minimal difficulty - three tries + lube). I felt it pop open and went about my business. Getting dressed, I felt a little stinging down there, but attributed it to three tries for insertion.

However, it kept hurting as I went about my morning - hurting *inside*. Well, that was no good. I need to go to the studio this afternoon and grocery shopping and things - nothing I want to do with extra pain. So I felt up there and I realised that the cup had gone further in than yesterday - I couldn't feel the stem. I bore down and oh my god, there was pain. I felt around and found the stem - pushed to the side, scraping my vaginal canal as I bore down. I removed the cup - not as easily as before, but it was twisted and I was tense from pain.

As far as I can tell, the cup angled to the side somehow and the stem was poking me, causing the pain. I'm still a little raw down there (and rushed to get out to the studio), so I'm currently using a pad. I'd like to try again later, but I was wondering if any of you had had this problem in the past - and any ideas on how to avoid it?
Tags: chafing/irritation, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, removal - painful or problems
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