shannon's so cool, too bad she's a loser (redesignmymind) wrote in menstrual_cups,
shannon's so cool, too bad she's a loser

Cleaning... too much?

Hello all!

Just a quick question... at the end of my cycle I soak my Diva in a peroxide solution... just my cup full of peroxide, then hot water to cover my cup.
This time I forgot about it for about 3 days.
Is it doing to do any damage to my cup? It's less than a 50-50 solution... didn't seem like anything was wrong with it... just very clean haha.

EDIT: Thank you all!!! I feel a little silly now for not remembering that peroxide turns to water... I never was that good at chemistry :P Now I;m not worried my cup's gonna fall apart on me :D
Tags: cleaning - sterilising solution
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