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First day with Aunt Flo and MCUK

So today was my first day with the Aunt Flo and the MCUK. I've been spotting since yesterday, so decided to pop in the MCUK this morning before going off to uni instead of waiting for some serious flow to begin. Good thing I did, because by afternoon(when I emptied it) there was about 2 mL in there. I had no problems with removal, emptying, cleaning or re-insertion either then or just now when I emptied it at home, so YAY!

I was really fascinated by the blood, though. I feel that when blood is on a pad or tampon, it works like a stain - something dirty that needs to be hidden in any way possible. With a translucent cup, the blood was a presence in itself - something to celebrate if I wanted to, and certainly not something to be ashamed about! Seems like I have a really mucousy flow though, 'cause I had a string of mucous from body to cup both times I've emptied it so far. And apparently the blood settles in three layers - clots at the bottom, liquid blood in the middle, and something transparent(mucous?) on top. Boy, there's so much I never knew, and I thought I was in touch with my body!

I'm wearing a light pantiliner, which doesn't seem to have collected much. But I guess due to the mucous, I feel myself leaking a little just after I put the cup in. Anyone know how to tackle that? I'd really love to get rid of pantiliners altogether, but washing stains out of panties sucks :P.

Let's see how tonight goes.
I'm so totally excited and really, really happy with the cup. No chafing on the outside OR inside, I can hardly feel it there.. life is GOOOD. :)

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