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I posted two days ago about having difficulty inserting my cup. I took yesterday off and then tried again today - liberal use of KY Jelly + reading this community for new positions = success. I can feel the stem but not in a bad way - it's sticking out a bit and I'm kind of thankful for that (once I slide the front of the cup past my pubic bone the entire thing just *slid* up there incredibly fast).

I expect some leaking and I also expect to be freaking out in a couple of hours when I can't get it out (this seems to be common?). Suggestions for help in getting it out? I'm 22 and non-virgin, but very narrow/tight (I have difficulty wedging two fingers up there). (I plan to do my daily meditation right before then so I'll be as calm as possible, but I also have anxiety issues.)

If it feels this good *and* I can get it out without trauma, this will be the best thing for my period ever.

Edit: I removed it when I started spotting - there was minimal discomfort, fuss, and mess (I managed to spill the blood into the toilet). Clearly, I need to work on the positioning as there were a couple blood clots on the side of the cup (though I was surprised at the amount of blood in such a short period of time). Suggestion for help with that? (I do think that it popped open fully - I did turn it and all when I inserted.) Or is it possible that since I put it in mid-way through my period that the spotting blood and blood on the cup were from before I put the cup in?

I am officially a fan.
Tags: first time use, insertion, leakage & spotting, lunette, removal

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