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General Problems with the Diva Cup

A few months back I decided to order the Diva Cup.  I was tired of buying tampons, dry tampon syndrome, and all the other crap associated with tampons.  Also, in my quest to become greener, cutting out tampons seemed to be an easy enough adjustment that would make a big long term difference.  I also ordered one for my Mummsie who had used pads (no tampons EVER) for her entire life, but was going through the menopause from hell and needed help.

So Mummsie tried it out first and lo and behold NO problems.  A couple of runs and she has it perfected.  She actually calls me now every time she gets her period to thank me for getting her the Diva Cup and wishes that she would have known about it 20 years ago!!

Me on the other hand, who has been used to using tampons since 8th grade, can't figure out the darned thing.  I've read some of the tips here, seen the different fold pictures and I still can't seem to get the hang of it.  My first experience with it, which resulted in the painful rip-your-guts-out removal that everyone seems to have gone through, was enough to put me off trying again for a couple of months.  When I did attempt to insert it again I had the stem poke problem which hurt like a SOB.  I trimmed the stem almost completely off but I could still feel it so I flipped it inside out. 

I finally tried again last night, but more problems.   I must have sat on the darned toilet for half an hour trying to comfortably insert the damn thing.  I can't seem to be able to fold it small enough to comfortably insert.  All of the folds look huge!  I know, I know compared to a penis no big deal, but when you're crabby, crampy, and bleeding like a stuck pig it's a bit hard to relax.  I am trying to do the origami fold, but it keeps opening up on me before I can get it all the way in.  Perhaps my problem is more of a finger positioning issue?  I don't seem to know what exactly to do with my hands - how to get the darned thing up there without it opening up and thwacking me right at the opening (TMI, but OOOOOUCH!).  It seems like I'd have to stick my whole damn hand up there - definitely a no go!  Perhaps there are only certain folds that you can do when the cup is flipped inside out?

After much shenagling last night I finally got it in.  Tested it out a few times (sat down, got up and walked around, jumped up and down) to make sure that it wouldn't poke me or sit low and feel uncomfortable.  It put some sort of weird pressure on my backside making me kind of feel like I had to go #2, but I thought that if I kept my mind off of it it would pass.  So I went to bed with an overnight pad for extra protection since last time I had made polka-dotted bedsheets and hoped for the best.  I could have sworn that I felt flow while drifting off to sleep, but I was hoping for the best.

Got up to check on things this morning and the pad had some in it - too much for a pantyliner so probably not residual flow, but too little for the cup to have been totally not working.  Removed the cup with no problem.  At least I'm getting the hang of that!  It did seem to have collected flow during the night, but a good part also seemed to have gone around the cup.

Argh, this is so frustrating.  I tried again this morning and got it in okay, but when I went to check things out before heading off to work I seemed to be bleeding like a stuck pig.  Well, I freaked out and removed the thing because I couldn't deal with it at work and resorted to the hated (but mostly trusty tampon). 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  I would hate to not be able to use this option since when it's flipped inside out and actually (finally) in there, it feels much better than a tampon.

Tags: insertion - painful or problems, leakage & spotting
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