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Rephresh Gel as cup lube?

So, I have odor and just general issues down there all month long because my PH is always off. Until I found Rephresh gel I was unhealthily douching more than I should just trying to keep the odor and itchies under control. Needless to say, during my period it seemed my Lunette would cause a yeast infection or something similar by the 2nd or 3rd day. Just smells weird, unpleasant, itchy and it makes ME smell weird it's not just the cup. Cup smells fine after a washing. My best guess is that the cup's presence is enough to upset my PH during my period - a good post-period douching session and a garlic clove up the twat for a day or so would usually cure it right up. And no, washing the cup with one thing or another doesn't help. I wash it and sterilize it after every period. it's something about the interaction between my insides and the cup itself.

Outside of my period, the rephresh gel solved ALL my problems. The way it works is, the gel adheres to your vagina so you only have to put gel in every 3 days. It keeps your PH balanced in there and it "wears off" as your lining sheds. It's worked wonders for me both for odor and itchies. It says NOT to use rephresh during your period because of the fact that it adheres like that, that it will just clump up with your blood and be messy and not really work right.

Well, I'd like to use Rephresh to coat my Lunette in every day before I put in it, so maybe it can kind of counter what the cup does to me. But the fact that this gel is designed to adhere to my insides makes me wonder if I shouldn't let it anywhere near my cup. Any ideas or opinions about this? I don't want to ruin my cup.

I don't know if links are allowed for other products but the website for rephresh is just that, plus dot com. Any help is appreciated!

P.S. my LJ is screwed up, when I make an entry sometimes it protects the entry from being commented to even if I sent to "all comments". If comments are disabled can someone send me a message to let me know so I can try to fix it?
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