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2nd cycle on mooncupUK, success so far

since my first cycle with the mooncup was mostly me figuring out how to avoid leaking, having the cup move around inside me (why it did i don't know, neither why it stopped doing it), finding out how often to empty it on wich day (still working on that) and everything i decided to wait how the second cycle would go before making up my mind on how i cope with it. i never had issues with insertion and removal though, maybe using the biggest available tampons without applicators for years has prepared me enough.

so, yesterday my second cycle on the cup started. and it has been a great experience so far. i didn't have any cramps yet (with tampons they sometimes were so bad that i would even throw up with pain, and always had me take pain medication like m&m's, thanks endo) wich is great, i didn't have any leaks and i'm doing great. so tomorrow i expect my heaviest day. last periode that meant i had to empty the cup every three or so hours (through reading this community i came to the conclusion that a diva might be better for me, at least on my heavy days. too bad i didn't find my way here before i bought my cup. still, i ordered a diva already, should be in the mail sometime next week. so for cycle #3 i'm set with volume). i'll keep this post updated as i go along.

all in all i'm really happy i stumbled upon cups, and i'm never ever going back to tampons! i even gave all my leftovers to my best friend with a smuck grin on my face and an "well, it's your bad if you don't want a better life, here, take that poisonous trash"-thought on my mind (i told her about the cup as soon as i ordered it and i'm going to nag her with how much better my periode feels until she is willing to try *lol*

sorry this post is a little all over the place, it's past 1am here and i'm going to bed now. i just had to get my excitement off to the world :-)
Tags: cramps, endometriosis, first time use, success stories

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