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My Story About My Moon Cup

Hi, I'm new here, so please be gentle.

I thought I'd share a quick story from my last cycle (cycle one with my Moon cup) and an important lesson I learned about "spreading the word" on menstrual cups and cloth pads.

For some reason, I'm almost always more willing to share about cloth pads than cups. Part of that, for me, personally, is that I've always been more into pads than tampons and I associated cups to tampons. For me, that's the kiss of death for a product. I would only wear a tampon under duress and fidget the whole time, wondering if I was leaking. I hated them so badly that I even avoided swimming in the summer when I was on my monthly. On a whim (and after a friend raved about my timid suggestion she switch from tampons to a cup) I went to my local co-op and bought the Moon cup. I picked the Moon cup because my former roommate had a Diva and I hated the carrying bag. Plus, I have a latex sensitivity, so the Keeper was out. I had an easy dry run and when my period started, I had a pretty easy time of it. Plenty of leaking days two and three, but no biggie--I used cloth pads as a back up and had planned to foul it up the first few times.

Anyway, while I was in the midst of my period, a couple of girlfriends came over to work on crafty projects, but instead we mostly talked about periods and my new, slightly irregular habits regarding cloth pads. I answered all those questions, as I am pretty comfortable with my knowledge of cloth pads and could comfortably say I'm still working out that whole cleaning system (they always get cleaned/sanitized, just methods are still getting worked out) when my (assumed fussy) friend noticed I had a little saucer out in my bathroom by my soaking jar. Blushingly, I explained that the little saucer is where I keep my Moon cup when I'm letting it dry. My friend perks right up and says, "Oh! I've had my Moon cup for years! Aren't they awesome?!?!" I was dumbfounded, but so happy to have another RL cup buddy--and we're working on the other lady who we were visiting with. I just found it odd that we had not been comfortable talking about such things before--we've known each other for years now!

Anyone else have a great RL cup buddy? I think it's nice to have the local support.

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