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Yet another Diva Cup size post

Hi everyone. Read this journal extensively before deciding to get a cup, and settled on the Diva Cup A because it was available over the counter at one of the stores around here. I tried the fold for the directions included and couldn't even get it in. It was just impossible. So I let it go and tried the next cycle after carefully looking over the alternate folds. Well, using the origami fold (looks kinda like a rose to me, actually) I got it in on the first try! But it didn't pop open, just stayed in there folded up no matter what I did, so I put it away again and tried again this morning.

I used every single fold I could and it just wouldn't open. Tried twisting, tried sliding a finger up with it to try and encourage it to open, I think it started opening a couple of times but it hurt, so I took it out again and finally put it away after an hour of trying. I'm 25, have never had sex, no hymen (per my gynecologist; don't know where it went), and I have only used tampons a few times over the last 12 or so years. I can get about 2 fingers inside of me with hardly any extra room at all, even when I was relaxed. I don't know, I might just be puny.

So that might be it for the Diva Cup. I looked at the popability discussion and I guess Diva Cups aren't all that great at popping ease, so I don't know if I should even put myself through further punishment tomorrow morning. :( I'm bummed, because I was really excited and wanted this to work. So from what I have gleaned from the popability comparison, the Lunette might be what I'm going to go for, since it's smaller, and seems to open easily (also it comes with candy :D). Does this sound like a reasonable progression? Thanks for all your help.
Tags: divacup, insertion - painful or problems, sizes/size issues
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