kypovan (kypovan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva cup. Too big?

So, I'm using the Diva Cup for the first time. Inside, it doesn't hurt at all, and I'm not getting any leaks. However, I feel like it's falling out. I can reach down and feel it pushing out from the outside of my labia, through my clothing. Again, internally, it isn't causing me any problems. Would this be a fit issue? Like it's too long? I'm assuming this means I should find one that isn't as long. 

I never knew there were other brands. I just heard about the Diva Cup and bought it. So, since coming here I've learned a lot. I'm thinking I should look at the Mooncup, the Lunette, or the Femmecup. Is that right? Those are the shorter ones that still hold a lot? The first day I used it, I filled it to the second line, and emptied it 4 times. I guess that means I have a pretty heavy flow.

Oh, and I read something about turning it inside out. Does that make it shorter?

Tags: divacup, sizes/size issues
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