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Insertion Issues

I ordered a Lunette off e-bay earlier this month and it came really quickly. I've never been so eager to try something for my period. My period showed up this morning and I had some troubles.

I've got a disability (generalized dystonia) that affects my motor control, especially around my period, so I suspect that this is one of the reasons I'm having a bit of trouble. Mostly - I'll get the cup about half way in and it will pop right open. Ow. I tried a couple of different folds (oragami, punch down, and seven) a couple of times in the shower, but by then I was so sore that I didn't want to keep trying.

I intend to try again later (I really want this to work and it looks like I'll be on my period over spring break, when I intend to be doing a hostel-hopping vacation with friends and I think being able to use the cup will make my life a lot easier). However, I was wondering if you cup-using veterans could give me some advice?

(I tried using my dominant hand (left hand) to insert, but I don't have the muscle control. My non-dominant hand is stronger (my dystonia is more prevalent on my dominant side which is thus weaker). Perhaps some of you have tried to use a cup when you've had a hand/arm injury, since it looks like I'm
going to be inserting with a non-dominant hand.)
Tags: disabilities & health problems, insertion - painful or problems, lunette

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