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Another first time user!

I posted about my trial dry run with the Divacup. It was cake aside from the stem poking me a bit. I started my period yesterday, and my first real experience hasn't been terrible, but not perfect.

This was my second postpartum period (my daughter is 7 months old) and my first run with my Divacup. The period started slow, spotting for a few days. I tried the Divacup during the spotting, but I wasn't really bleeding and the stem was irritating me so I didn't leave it in too long (it was in long enough to collect a bit of thick brownish blood, so I know I had it positioned okay). Turns out the cup rides a lot lower than I expected, and if I don't occasionally clench my muscles it slides down really far - to the point where I can feel it when I wipe, the base of the cup practically hanging out (the stem was).
I should probably do kegels and that will eventually correct itself? I never really did them before, and I haven't regularly since labor - just off and on, when I remember (rarely, I will a lot more now!).

Yesterday the spotting was picking up so I flipped the cup inside out to avoid trimming the stem and shorten it a little (works a lot better this way, but still rides pretty low). My period came in with a bang and horrible cramps, and I couldn't stand to feel the cup inside while I was cramping (it was awful for about three hours), so I reverted to cloth pads for a while. It did collect 1/4 oz before I took it out!

Today I'm not as tender, so I've been using it all day. I've noticed a few things...

It starts to "leak" (I can feel it) between 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz. That's when I have to empty it, and I've probably emptied it 4 times today. Could the leak be the angle it rests inside of me, or maybe how low it is riding? When I remove it I can still feel the suction.

Removing it has been fairly easy. Sitting, I bear down (it's usually pretty low at this point) and squeeze the base enough to break suction a little, pulling one edge out slowly before the other.

I've found that popping it open is easier if I insert it fairly low, let it open, twist it a few times and use my muscles to pull it up to a comfortable position. It does slide back down, but I hope regular kegels will eventually correct that. Anyone else have a similar experience with insertion?

Sometimes finding the right angle to insert it is difficult... I never expected that! I thought it'd be the same each time, but doesn't seem like it.

And this is kinda gross TMI, but I can feel clots slide into it. Much better than feeling that gush with pads, but still a little odd.

Overall I'm happy. I'm a daily liner kinda gal so I wear liners while wearing it, but I think with a few adjustments the cup will work out great in the long run (much better than disposables!).

I like the Divacup, but it does seem kinda large to me (I can pretty much always feel it, but I'm not sure if I'm sensitive from the extreme cramps yesterday or if it is putting pressure on my cervix). I might purchase another cup eventually, if anyone has any suggestions feel free to share. I picked the Diva for the price (the special at the end of December on, and to try a menstrual cup. I'm converted ;)

When the Diva came in I showed my mom. She's open-minded, asked a few questions about it, and that was that.

Her period came before mine and she told me she found Insteads at Krogers and tried them out! She liked them, but worried about overnight protection... but she might buy a cup of her own now to try!
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