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grr **first update**

I take a lot of surveys online to earn extra money, and I just got one about feminine products. I was all excited to be able to click something like "other" or to even see alternative products listed, but was very disappointed to see that they didn't even take into consideration that some women may use things other than just pads and tampons. After I clicked that yes, I do get my period regularly, the next questions asked what combinations of pads/tampons/liners did I use. There was no "other." I was at least expecting that they would list things like Insteads. So they got a nice long e-mail from me expressing my disappointment with them, and hopefully a female representative will get the message, hahaha. Can you imagine being a guy on the other side getting that e-mail describing menstrual cups, cloth liners, and Insteads? The survey did ask about my usage in the last 3 months, and I've only been using a cup for 2, so I made it clear in my message that I did answer the questions truthfully.


I'm wondering what sort of response I'll get. I'll update you all if I hear anything humorous back.



I just got my first e-mail back from them.


"We very much appreciate your comments and feedback. I will send your
comments to the department that handles those issues. Comments like yours
help us serve our members better."


So hopefully they'll take note that disposable pads and tampons are not the only things out there!!


And to those I'm going to send out links to, I just haven't had time to pull them together yet. I think I'm going to post it on my own journal, and just link you all there.


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