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Never ignore the CALL of the CUP!

Big meeting day today. At the lunch pause, I go to the toilets and what do I see on the TP? red! One week in advance!! And no cup around, of course! And I wear a skirt and a G-string!!! “Luckily”, I had in my bag some left over paper/plastic G-sting-liners and decide to use one. After all, so early, that might just be some spotting. Anyway, once the other meeting began I started to feel quite moist down there (plastic liners!!) and started panicking: maybe I am really bleeding.

Next think I know I head to information desk to see if the secretaries have a tampon: 2 men sit there. Awkward… No, they do not have tampons there and theirs colleagues in the office back either. They suggest I go to the drugstore 10 min. away and buy a box (Err... Hell no!!).
Girls on the patio – no tampons.
I approach female janitors: they must have a locker room and tampons in there! Nope.
I head back to the meeting, hoping for the best. 5 minutes later comes one of the janitors with an OB. Saved!

The funny thing is that before I left home this morning, I thought: maybe I should take the cup today. Nah… The Reds are not due for a week… -- Stupid me!

I have now Selene on. Thanks Heaven!


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