mpbowers (mpbowers) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Removal Worries with lady cup

I'm still working up the courage to use my ladycup. I got it half way in and was worried about it as it was uncomfortable. I am working into getting it all the way in. Baby steps!!! I'm very concerned about getting it back out. I like that it is small and very squishy. I have been reading how people have trouble getting them out. I'm not one to really touch myself and get friendly. I'm wondering if a lunette would be a better idea? Although I know it is harder. I just have horrors of not getting this thing out. I'm petite (even there) and tight. I can only wear a Tampax Pearl regular. I'm a virgin as well. I know the general take a breath, relax kagel, bear down, etc... Just worried out loud. Thoughts about the switch are appreciated.

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