skyladagaz (skyladagaz) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Bluecup / Smell / Diva Wash

So my blue ladycup arrived a few days ago, i ordered the small and wow it really is SMALL! I did a test run and dang its very slippery compared to my diva and mooncup uk. In comparison my Diva (small) is the largest of the 3 so i use that for my heavy days, I think i'll be switching between my mooncup and ladycup for my light days. I just love the color though! & it is squishier compared to the others, i haven't trimmed the stem off because i don't think i'll need to due to the small size already. I'm excited to try it out next month.

& 2nd, My diva smells, oh noes. I always boil my cups after my period and that doesn't seem to be cutting it. So i'm trying the soak of vinegar & warm water. I guess I'll check on it in a few hours, I read that hydrogen peroxide is good too but i couldn't seem to find any around the house. I'm hoping that the vinegar will help with the staining tint as well.

I also purchased the diva wash with a coupon i used so it only cost like 5 bucks, anyways it smells very nice! It's very pleasant to use to wash down below, not irritating at all and I've found that it works nicely to help when i shave. yay =D
Tags: cleaning - smells, cleaning - vinegar, lady cup

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