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This is me complaining (with bonus amusing story)

I've had the Diva cup for about five cycles now, and up until now, I haven't had any problems.  Seriously, none.  The first time I ever put the cup in, it took me two tries to get it in & there weren't any leaks.  It almost seemed too easy.  Typically I can always get the cup in right away and it adds 30 seconds, if anything, to my bathroom time.  But this cycle has been nothing but problems.  It hurts going in and coming out, the stem has been poking me, and this morning I started leaking all over after only having the cup in for 20 minutes.  Oh, and last night when I was taking it out, it snapped open on me and splattered blood on my pants.  Grr.  I still love my cup and I'm not going to get discouraged, but why would all hell break loose suddenly after months of perfect use?

And here's something you may find amusing:
Normally, when I have a BM, I take my cup out.  I can feel it shifting around if I don't remove it, so I'm paranoid about it breaking the seal.  As I mentioned before, I've never had problems getting my cup in and out, so it's not that inconvenient to just take it out.  Well, I was at work the other day and was super busy and late for a meeting.  I went to the bathroom in between projects for #2.  Because I was in such a hurry, and because I had just emptied my cup recently, I decided not to take it out.  I could feel it moving a bit, so I remembered that women on here occasionally say they put in a finger to anchor their cup when using the bathroom.  So I did, angling my hand forward in a cupped way, to keep my hands clear of my rear.  I strained a bit, and next thing I knew, I felt something...warm.  And wet.  In my hand. I HAD JUST PEED ON MY HAND.  It took my brain a second to process what was happening, so by the time I was like "oh hai, i peed on my hand" I had like a whole handful of pee.

So that was a new one for me.  My Diva has been quite the prankster this cycle.  :/   Feel free to share your own stories of your cup trying to make your life interesting. 
Tags: leakage & spotting, urination
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