melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Just Got My Divacup!

Ok, so Its about 11:11pm on Saturday night, and I just got home.  Ordered my Divacup from maybe 2 or 3 days ago.  I just checked my mail, and There was the package!  Wow, that was pretty fast!

I just opened it maybe 3  minutes ago (the postal package anyway, haven't opened the actual Divacup box yet).  Its not as huge as I thought it would be, so that's good!  But I am really glad I got it, because I'm due to start my period probably any day now.   So its the perfect oportunity to give it a try.   I'm going to wash it and give it a few dry runs in just a bit, so I'll update everyone later. 


Udate-- I tried the cup out, and it opens, but it doesn't stay rounds.  Its kinda obling like my insides are crushing its.   Is that normal?  Maybe that's just how it sits in me, I dunno. 
Tags: divacup
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