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Halp :/

Hi all! First time poster, of course. I tried looking through the tags, I really did, but while I came close to answering my question, none of the responses hit the nail on the head. So here I go. If this HAS been answered, feel free to link me.

This is my 2nd cycle with the Diva Cup size 1. Each time I've used this thing, I've hated it :( it seems to push really hard against my urethra and that wall of my vag is general. I feel semi-nauseous with it in and always think I need to pee, which of course I don't.

Not to mention removal- I don't have any issues with suction, but since the cup has popped open, the diameter of the rim makes it hurt a hell of a lot as it leaves my body- it seems to be much wider than I am. I can't fold it because there's not enough room in my vaginal canal to insert a finger if the cup is in.

I've tried different folds, different postures & tricks for insertion and removal- it's just so uncomfortable. Length is OK - it tends to ride up and so not poke out at all, but even when it does stick out it doesn't bother me. It's just the width. For context, I'm 22, not a virgin but have not given birth. Also, my vag is pretty tight on any given day- can't fit two fingers.

My question is, is it possible that this particular cup is just too big around? Does that happen? Do you think these problems would be solved by a smaller diameter cup? I really want to use cups, but if my problems would continue regardless of brand or size, I'd rather shell out the money for tampons forever.
Tags: chafing/irritation, removal - painful or problems

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