Crystal (mutantmint) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Light Flow with cups

So I guess since I've been using the nuva ring, my flow is lighter? It doesn't look lighter with disposable pads. When I used my Diva for the first time this month It was great but when I emptied it really didn't fill all that much (I posted previously about how well I figured out how to use it!).

Here's a picture where I drew a line to show you how much it filled and this is during the heavy days (3 days, my cycle is about 4 days long) with it in almost all day.
Do I need a smaller cup?
When I didn't wear it at night, I tried out my cloth pads I made and I love those too! But I never needed to change the cloth pad either, it worked great. 

So overall I love my new menstrual products but what are you thoughts on how much ended up in the cup? Is the Diva too big for me? The stem will have to be trimmed too because it is so long but is it too much for a light flow.

Thank you so much for your help too!
EDIT: Thanks everyone for your feedback. I just wasn't sure about the size but I guess not filling it is a good thing too (not much mess or fuss when changing).

Tags: divacup, sizes/size issues
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