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Slight leaking??

So this was my first run on the Divacup size 1, and I'm having some issues. It leaks. It doesn't leak a lot, and at first I though it was just the blood on the outside of the cup (Its the brown stuff), but no matter how long I wait, it continues leaking. Most of it is caught in the cup, but I feel as if it's not sealed properly and a little of it slips down the side. I can't turn the cup as I never have enough of a grip on it. Also, it is never completely circular and I'm not sure if it should be. The wall of my vagina naturally indents it...I think :s. I have tried to mkae it circular and I can't.
I am wearing it where it naturally fits.

Now after reading alot about leaking, I attempted many things. I have tried all the folds, I've tried wearing it higher (that makes it worse), I ve tried feeling for my cervix, which I cant find anywhere. Running my finger around it, cold water, in the shower... I just can't make it stop this slight leak.

I absolutely hate pads, but I had never had any troubles with tampons. They never leaked, but I wanted to switch for fear of TSS. I really want this to work as I find it very comfy and I enjoy how long you can wear it, but I am actually considering tampons again.

I'm 16 and definitely haven't ever given birth, so is it possible I'm a size 2?
Any suggestions?
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