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Yesterday evening I tried my small Lunette for the 4th time. Last May I once had to go to a clinic with my cup as I couldn't get it out of me.

Getting it inside - no problems. No leakings, either. But getting it out of me...
I tried every possible positions to get it out by myselt at home, relax myself, take deep breaths, squat.. Everything. The cup seemed to be too high, even if I tried to move it lower with my muscles. I ended up going to a clinic again.

Today at the clinic there was this man who wasn't yet a doctor, I'm not sure if he even was a nurse yet. First he left the room to get a real gynegologist to watch that things go like they should. I'm not sure if that should've make me feel worried... Finaly it took him at least FIFTEEN MINUTES to get the cup out of me, and he used probably all the instruments that you can use for rummaging women's genitals. Most of the time it felt like he was using them all at once. After that I felt like I had been raped, and now many hours after it still feels bad especially when I'm walking at stairs.

After he got my cup out of me he put my cup to the trash bin!!!!!!!!!! where were lots of papersheets from previous patients... The real gynegologist asked if I want my cup back. And that nurse-man said that he had maybe broke the cup with one of the instruments when he had tried to get it out as it had been stuck so strictly inside me. So he had no idea of negative pressure. I maybe should've mentioned about it to him before examination, but he seemed to know menstrual cups as we talked a little bit about them while waiting for gynegologist, and as he used so many instruments I thought that he would've been using at least one of them for pressure-thing.

I'm not sure, I have a feeling that I've got slightly shorter fingers than most people do, and that my vagina is nearly S-shaped, many curves.. So I've started to think that cups maybe aren't a possible solution for every women, or at least not for me. It makes me sad, as I really would like to use a cup.
Tags: doctors, insertion - painful or problems

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