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Thanks and discount!!

Hey everyone,

I'm been lurking around here for about a week and have finally decided to make the plunge and buy a cup.  I actually just joined LiveJournal in order to post/be an active member of this community specifically.  I want to thank everyone on here as, since I read probably more than 100 posts, I'm sure I've read one of yours!  This site is an asset to the community of cup-users and people interested in cups.  I don't think I would have been able to make the decision to make the change without this group.  So reall, thanks so much!

After doing all the research, I've decided that the Miacup is definitely the cup for me...for every reason possible.  However, I am currently living in Palestine as a political activist.  While this is a really important decision for me, both lifestyle-wish and environment-wise, I am a bit low on monetary funds right now.  I'm doing ok, but every little bit helps.  So I'm wondering if anyone has the 5% off code that comes with the Miacup that they'd be willing to share.  I promise that when mine comes, I'll pass the savings along to others in need.

Thanks again, for everything!!
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