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Dry run #2, addition: yoghurt

This was done totally on a whim. I wanted to take out my MCUK and look at it(!) last night... then once I saw it I decided to go for another dry run overnight. Tried some KY on the rim, which made it terribly slippery - I probably should have used less. Took it out(MUCH smoother thanks to the KY), realized I was slightly yeasty, so washed the cup, put some yoghurt in the cup and on the rim before putting it back in.
How do you use yoghurt, btw? Do you put it IN the cup, or spread some on the surface?

So anyway, the cup was in for about 9 hours, and I had no discomfort in the vaginal area. I noticed that my pelvic and abdominal muscles were slightly tense, and I was getting the weird feeling in my tummy that usually comes with Aunt Flo. Probably need to work out, heh.
Come morning, I took out the cup - less of a hassle than on my first dry run, but not as smooth as with KY. I think dry runs are a pretty good idea, just to get my insides used to the cup before Flo comes along and adds another ingredient to the mix!
Tags: dry run, success stories, yeast infections
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