slightlysatan (slightlysatan) wrote in menstrual_cups,

DivaCup - Loving it!

Hi all,

Australian, 23yo DivaCup user here. I've been lurking on this comm on and off for months and I decided to join to tell you all how amazingly helpful this comm has been for me.

I got my cup 6 months ago and figured out the usage without any internet help, but found the C-fold rather uncomfortable (surprise, surprise).
Later, I followed a random link from another lj community i've been reading and found this wealth of information about folding, positioning, size and type of cup which I have found to be very very useful.

Now, I'm happily using a punch-down and I no longer hate my period for anything more than the ouchiness it usually brings in the first day or so. No leaking, no spending heaps on tampons, no having to try to sneak a tampon to the toilet when I'm out in public, no stains on the bed when the giant pads I used to wear did their best to get out of the way of my flow. No waking up feeling incredibly messy and YUCK.

So, loving the DivaCup, boyfriend loving the DivaCup - anything that makes me less grouchy when my uterus is plotting against me is a good thing.

Tags: divacup, success stories

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