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First Time User Review

I have been reading the posts here for about two months now, and I finally got a chance to use my cup and wanted to share my first time experience to hopefully help others feel more confident...and because my husband is probably tired of hearing me go on about it so I want to share with someone! I live in a small town where most of the ladies are very conservative and wouldn't consider using anything but pads and, I am too shy to share my experiences with them anyways.

About me- I'm 31, 5' 2", 120 lbs and do not have children. I've been in a committed relationship for close to 9 years.
I have had increasingly painful experiences with tampons, even light and regular flow sizes, as I am naturally tight and dry. I have never been comfortable with disposable pads, although I've had to switch back and forth because of the discomfort with tampons. I was really at my wits end when I found this site, and I am so glad I did! I had started researching the Instead Cups because I had seen them advertised on TV a few years ago, but I was discouraged by the bad reviews I found online.

After alot of pictures and reviews, I purchased the Lunette cup online from kuukuppi ( ), I paid about 43 USD and received it about 10 days after I ordered it. I knew what I wanted in a cup based on everyone's posts: smooth design that would be fast to clean, large holes for the same reason, short shape for my small body, stiff almost rigid material for ease of popping open and folding, and a flat tab stem for ease of grasping. Because of my dryness, I didn't want to try a dry run because I worried I might traumatize myself.

On day 1, I was too chicken to use it as my flow started right when I woke up and I didn't have time to try it out before work. My flow is usually pretty heavy on the first day so I was disappointed that I didn't get to use my cup right away on this day. I tried frantically to find a soap safe enough to use on my new cup (I'm prone to UTIs and one of the common factors for me is getting soap in the vaginal canal), and couldn't even find a bottle of Summer's Eve etc. in our small town. I bought instead a bar of Basis soap which is supposed to be unscented and gentle. Because I live with my Mother In Law, I was too embarrassed to boil my cup before use so I just washed and rinsed really well. I put it in that night and did my yoga and then removed and re inserted to get the practice in. It didn't move and it pinched a little bit but I wasn't ready to trim the stem just yet. I'm glad I didn't do that right away. When I went to bed I imagined I could feel it when I laid on my back so I slept on my side and that seemed to be easier. I also used an overnight pad and extra underwear just in case. It wasn't necessary but it made me feel better. I did get up every 2-3 hours to check on things, and had no leaks or shifting.

Day 2, I emptied and rinsed with hot water and re inserted. My flow gets lighter after the first day but I was shocked to find that there wasn't very much in the cup. I'm starting to think tampons and pads do not actually absorb as much as they look like they do. I was really scared about finding my cervix and getting the cup *right up to the cervix opening* and being able to touch the edges of the cup. See, my fingers are short and I have never been able to feel my cervix no matter how hard I try. I have some vague idea where it's supposed to be but I haven't been able to ever handle it. This really turned out to not be an issue at all. I C fold the cup, hold it by the bottom, push it up past my pubic bone like an applicator-less tampon, and let it go. It opens itself (and it's not a violent popping open action like I was afraid of). My Lunette is fairly stiff, but it didn't hurt when it popped open inside of me. Then I used my first two fingers to gently push the cup upward until the stem is past my opening. I ran my index finger around the middle of the cup to make sure it was all the way open. The stem didn't pinch me this time or the next.

I went to work and didn't stress about it all day. That's a first in many years for me. I usually race to the restroom every two hours to make sure I'm not leaking, and I have to admit, in my nervousness I did make a few extra trips to check on things, but it didn't move and I didn't leak! When I got home I found again that there wasn't nearly as much fluid as I thought there would be. Something really refreshing to note: I have not been this naturally lubricated during my cycle in a long time. It sounds ironic, but even on my heaviest of flows I have been dry as a bone while using tampons, if that makes sense. I couldn't get over how comfortable the cup was to insert and remove. To remove, I just bear down until I can grasp the bottom of the cup, then I pinch the bottom and wiggle until I can reach the top of the cup with my index finger. I push in one of the sides until I hear a soft "squish" sound then I know I can safely pull it down. Because I am so tight though, I have to pinch it into the C fold while I remove it. I've used lubrication (water based KY Gel) to insert it but because I'm not dry anymore I really don't need it.

Day 3, my flows usually only last three days, but it was still very light. I emptied and reinserted (rinsing only with hot water again) and then removed it the next morning. Again, no issues what so ever when I did yoga, when I worked (I work on my feet and do alot of walking, bending, lifting 3 to 35 pounds, sitting, and squatting), when I slept, and during bowel movement.
It did get a little bit pink so I soaked it in peroxide and water (I didn't measure it) and it looked new within 30 minutes.

When I received my cup, I told my husband 'if this works, it will be life changing'. So far I still believe that. I am so happy with my decision, and I honestly can't remember the last time my cycle went so smoothly. This was the best 43 dollars I have spent in a long time. I want to thank every single person who posted here, without these posts I would have probably dealt with my problems for years longer before getting the courage to try a menstrual cup. I hope this information is helpful to someone like me.
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