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embarassing cup moment

just a few hours ago:

I went to the grocery store with my boyfriend. I felt myself leaking, so I went off to the restrooms. there was a mother and her two small children with her using one bathroom. the other stall had a HUGE turd in it. I just flushed the toilet and went in, thinking I'd just dump my cup and get out of there. well, the door wasn't staying closed and it kept creeping open to the inside. so by that point I was leaning against the door, pants around my knees, trying to get my cup out. it slips. some of it dumps on the floor.

oh, perfect. gross.

the mom in the next stall asks in a worried tone: "are you ok?"
"me?" I ask.
"yeah, are you alright?"
"oh, ha, I'm fine."

so I cleaned up the spilled blood on the floor.

"...are you sure you're ok?" she asks again.
"oh, yeah, it's just that time of the month and I use a cup, not a tampon."

she didn't say anything else and was gone before I left my stall.

gah. I wonder what she was thinking when she saw a huge puddle of blood just plop out of nowhere? crazy.
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