ever so slightly obsessed (scien) wrote in menstrual_cups,
ever so slightly obsessed

Trolly mctrollerkins

Hi all,

So as you may have noticed, we have been trolled. What fun, what joy. We clearly must be internet celebs to receive such patronage from the ONTD crowd.

To those who emailed and messaged me about it: thank you, it was very helpful. I'm sorry my response wasn't instant, it was 5-7am my time when these posts appeared.

To those who had fun with them: hee hee. You made cleaning those posts out enjoyable instead of irksome, it was much appreciated.

The posts have all been deleted and the trolls banned. In addition, posting is currently moderated. While I'm afraid I can't be constantly glued to my computer this weekend, I do promise to get to all posts within 12 hours.

If you see any trolling comments, please PM or email me and I'll take care of it ASAP.

Comments/questions just shout!


Edit: If anyone is feeling disappointed that they missed the fun, zhukora1 has posted some caps here.
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