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Hello beautiful cup users :)

I just got my DivaCup this past week, and I tried to give it a dry run just to see if I could get it in at all. The first couple of times I tried, I figured it was just because I was not giving it enough effort and attention (its kind of difficult when you share a bathroom with three other people). So I decided since my period is coming Sunday and my roommate is gone for MLK weekend I would try it out tonight since I would have a lot more privacy.

The problem I seem to be having though is that a little past the opening, there's a hard spot (which I assume is my pelvic bone) and then another hard spot at the back, which makes it hard to get the cup past it. The only way I can get it open vaguely enough so that i can get part of the rim in is by lifting my lower body while on my back which makes it loosen a bit, but seems to make everything else tighten up. Plus, it seems as if everything else is too tight for the cup to get in, but someone on here said that I should at least be able to fit two fingers comfortably, and I can, but only horizontally, the other way, those two hard spots get in the way. I'm not sure what to do. I never had trouble really getting tampons in, and I know a cup is different but I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong...I want to figure it out before or right after my period comes because I'm not sure when I'll have this kind of privacy again, my roommate doesn't go home often :p

Thanks in advance!
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