Chasechik (chasingtides) wrote in menstrual_cups,


I got my Lunette cup in the mail today!

I'm both excited and intimidated by this. If this means I can reduce waste and do things I want when I've got my period (yoga, swimming, wearing tight pants), I am all over it. However I'm also pretty intimidated by it. I've always had trouble with tampons (I could never get them up far enough and they'd dry me out like crazy, so no matter what, I would be uncomfortable) and the reptile part of my brain is looking at the cup going, "That's way bigger than a tampon."

I've the house to myself this weekend and was planning Sunday as a "laze around the house and cook up indulgent food and buff my resume" day, so I think I might do a trial, dry run with it then. (I already have some lube on hand for this purpose.) Do I need to sterilize it before using?

(Hopefully this will work out because if I'm on schedule, I should be getting my period in a week.)
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