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"bubbly" feeling, and tilted uterus?

Hello everyone,

First of all I have to say how helpful you have all been in my journey of using the Diva cup. I don't think I could have made it without this community. Thank you!

I have been searching in the memories and tags for answers to this question but haven't been able to find a question just like mine. So here goes, first a little background info: I have been using the cup for about a year now. I struggled at first with a lot of leakage and had problems with insertion. I am finally getting to the point where I am understanding what I was doing wrong. I found that my cervix is positioned pretty far to the left and when I insert the cup, I have to point the opening in it's direction, then check with my finger to make sure it's covered. Once I figured this out, things went a lot better. I am a really heavy bleeder. It changes from cycle to cycle but on average, during my heavy days I have to empty my cup every 2-3 hours or I overflow. And I always have that 'residual' blood. I tell you all this so you get a background and maybe can help me better with my current question.

So usually when I overflow, I get this bubbly feeling down there, like my blood is bubbling out a little, does that make sense? I think some of you have mentioned you feel the same. The thing is that sometimes I get this bubbly feeling when I'm not overflowing. I'll feel it and make a beeline for the closest restroom only to find that my cup is like a quarter full. And there is no leakage more than my normal residual blood, which is light enough that I don't think it is what is giving me the bubbles. So... Does this happen to anyone else? Any idea what it might be?

And my second question is how would one know if you have a tilted uterus? Is it something that a gynecologist would be able to tell you? I have never been to one. But I was wondering if I might have one based on where my cervix is and the fact that I've had a bit of trouble with getting the cup to seal.

Thanks again for all your help!

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