tiptoe_mouse (tiptoe_mouse) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Update on split LilacCup

I posted recently that my LilacCup had split down from one of the holes after less than 24hours in use. I contacted both the seller (Leastore) and Ladycup with a description of the problem (no photos as I don't have a camera). They both got back to me very quickly, and the outcome is that Ladycup are shipping me a new one directly. Yay! They haven't asked me to send them the defective one. They said "This damage is problem of material from one small set of cups".

I only hope the replacement isn't defective too. I hope it comes soon. I can't wait for my next period to arrive (there's a phrase not often uttered by non-cup users!) so I can give it a proper try-out.

Tags: coloured lady cups, lady cup

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