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I may have introduced a real life friend to cups!

Totally by accident! We were just chatting, and we both happened to be bleeding at the time, so the subject of menstrual products came up. I mentioned offhand that I used a cup.

She seemed really interested! I was surprised because I'd never talked about alternative menstrual products with anyone who didn't already use 'em. So I'm explaining her the benefits and why I love my cup while trying not to sound like a commercial -- I know these things aren't for everyone. The blood is a huge turn off to most people -- but she's a nurse so she said it wouldn't squick her.

This was a few days ago, and I thought maybe it was just a passing thing, but today she told me she'd taked to her husband about buying one (he, of course, was majorly grossed by it) and wanted some more info :) So I'm sending her links and stuff for info and help -- one of the links is to this place, natch ;)

I do have a couple of questions though... for you heavy flow gals 'cause I wouldn't call my flow heavy per se (even on my heaviest days I only have to empty the cup 3 times a day) but she said hers is. How often do you ladies find you're having to empty your cups?

And for the new cuppers ... any tips I should shoot her? I've used a cup for maybe 5 years now so I'm sure a lot of the "teething" problems will slip my mind to mention.

And for anyone ... got any other good, informative links I can send her?

Thanks ladies!
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