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Hey guys!  Or, gals, I guess.  I was trying to avoid my usual "y'all" there.  haha anyway...

This occurred to me last night.  The only time I'm not using my cup during my flow is when I'm in the shower (my preferred time to change it and really clean it) and another part of the day while I'm cleaning it.  Last night I had cramps (and gas) so bad that I couldn't bear the thought of replacing my cup once I'd gotten it out.  So I resorted to wearing a pad for the first time in about a year.

Which makes me realize, it's something close to my first Divaversary!  Also I'm realizing that regular users can do polls now!  So here goes:

Poll #1331707 cup usage

Do you use something along with your cup while you're wearing it?

cloth pads
cloth pantyliners
regular pads
regular pantyliners
no way!

how much of your period would you say you use your cup?

less than 25%
75% or more
all the time

when do you use your cup?

all the time
mostly at night or while sleeping
mostly during the day or when not sleeping
primarily for sports, swimming, or other activity
primarily for when I'm traveling

My other question is this:  I've seen a lot of stuff recently about the cervix sitting inside the cup.  How do you make that happen?  It seems like my cervix sits low and gets in the way of the cup.  I've not trimmed the stem, but that sucker (often, sometimes, not always) just pokes all around at the entrance of my vagina and sometimes is uncomfortable or irritating to sit down.  I want it to sit higher, but I don't know if it can.  I do know that if I do have a shortish vagina, as I assume, the Diva may not be the best cup, given its size.

And, on a tangent, I really want to know what my vagina is like in comparison to others.  I have no idea how large or small it is or if my cervix sits high or low or even if I'm "tight" or not.  You can't exactly go prodding about inside someone else's junk without a fancy degree, and even a partner can't tell you because (geez, I hope) the ones s/he's been messing around in are aroused and not in resting or normal mode.  Even more on a tangent:  I know it's perfectly normal for penises to hang to the side and have a curve in either direction or no curve at all, and most are at least a little to one side.  Is a cervix like that too?  I know it's been there just hanging out for 20 years or so, but this is suddenly such a new part of my body to me!  I had no idea what it was before I started using the cup, and honestly I thought there was a "right path" and "wrong path" down there before I realized it was some almost-conical hanging-down organ thing with a purpose when I had to really start fiddling around with the cup.  But that is my lamentation about the knowledge of the female body and my frustration about education on it, whether for its owners, caretakers, or lovers.

I think this is my first post here, but I really appreciate all the questions I've seen since I've been a member!  Thanks, everyone, for this community :)

Tags: cervix position, continuous use, pads - cloth, polls
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