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New new newbie!

I got my first menstrual cup - the Mooncup UK - this afternoon, and immediately popped it in for a dry test run(after boiling, of course). Getting it in was really easy - the C fold didn't work, so I tried the 7-fold and that popped open immediately and just felt "right". For the record, I'm Indian, 5' 0, big-hipped, sexually active technically, quite familiar with my body, but with very tense muscles sometimes. I think I have a pretty short passage, so the Mooncup UK was the logical choice.

Taking it out, though, has not been easy. I popped it in successfully twice with the 7-fold and once with the punch-down fold, but I find I can take it out only by inserting my index finger to form a shallow C-fold, gripping with thumb and middle finger, bearing down, wiggling the cup back and forth for a bit(pulling slightly all the while), then finally tugging it out. Did I mention that all this is done while squatting? Sure it takes me only 1minute at max, but I think it'll make for a royal mess if I'm bleeding!

Anyway, I've trimmed 3 mm or so off the stem, which has taken the "bite" off. I'm leaving it in overnight, let's see how things are in the morning!
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