abominable slut (abominablesnow) wrote in menstrual_cups,
abominable slut

Diva Cup training woes

I'm on my second cycle using the smaller Diva Cup and it has been frustrating to say the least! I'm twenty-two with no children and I've had plenty of intercourse but I still feel a certain amount of discomfort and violation even when inserting a junior tampon. I thought I'd share my experience and ask if there is anyone who had a really rough adjustment but eventually made it work. I'd like to continue using it for environmental and economical reasons (I bought my cup full price at Whole Foods ) and I think I just need some encouragement or inspiring stories to make me stick with it.

The first cycle, my biggest problem was pain and discomfort and not being able to remove it. It worked correctly a couple of times and then it was very nice and convenient and leak-free. I have a heavy flow and I don't like that I have to remove it in order to tell how full it is. I had one experience of having to empty my cup in a public restroom because it started to overflow while I was shopping. I was self-conscious about the gross "shlurp!" noise it sometimes makes when coming out, and I felt conspicuous for taking so long (there were people waiting). After emptying it I then frantically tried to clean it without getting gore all over my hands and clothes or dropping it in the toilet, and ended up with little bits of toilet paper stuck to it everywhere. Add to that having to walk to the sinks with blood-stained hands and turn on the faucet with my elbow. Not cool! All I could think the whole time was "This wouldn't be happening with tampons!"

My second cycle (which I'm currently in the middle of) it was suddenly much easier and less painful to insert or remove. This was a relief, but it also kind of annoyed me to know that this thing has altered my anatomy! I liked my vag just fine the way it was and no one asked me if I wanted to change it. I've had a ton of leaking this cycle, too, and I have a hard time getting it to fully open inside of me. I cannot get it to twist around inside of me, no matter how relaxed I am and how hard I try to twirl it. My vagina seems to squeeze in on it, making it dent inwards. It seems to help if I can shove it really far up inside where I must be looser, but then it just takes that much longer to dig it out. Gently pulling and pushing on it a little while it's inside seems to help a little, since I can't twist it.

I can't say I ever imagined talking to my vagina before, but we've had some very nice chats in the last two months. I try to be nice and encouraging, and to my surprise, it actually DOES help to talk to it when I'm having trouble pulling it out or getting it to open. I emerge from the bathroom beaming victoriously and my poor boyfriend asks, "Were you talking to someone?" and I pretend that he's crazy of course.

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